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A Web Consultant, Strategist and Designer/Developer.

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Who I Am

I am passionate about helping and empowering people, businesses, and organizations reach their goals by leveraging the power of the internet.

I help start, grow, and scale businesses and organizations using my skills and experience in design, development, security, infrastructure, project management, strategy, and online technologies.

I started building and managing websites in 2008 and have worked in and lead teams in large and small organizations across dozens of industries. These included finance, technology, marketing, retail, information security, and more. 

I started my first company, Series 5 Technology, in 2013 from a desire and need to help small businesses with their websites and technology in a world where things always evolve. Since then I have started a few other companies and projects while helping thousands of people along the way.

Digital Product Development

I build and manage websites, web applications, SaaS products, and WordPress plugins.
WordPress Plugins | SaaS | Project Management

Web Consulting & Strategy

I help business & organizations brainstorm, plan, create, iterate, launch, integrate, manage, and secure websites and web apps.
Web Security | Integrations | Planning & Strategy | Ecommerce & SaaS

Web Design & Development

I design websites and digital products, write code, and bring online software, websites and experiences to life.
UI\UX | WordPress | Ecommerce | Memberships & Online Portals

What I do

Brands & Projects

Brands I Own & Software Projects

Series 5 Technology
Series 5 Technology is a web managed services company that specializes in managing websites for businesses owners, freelancers, and agencies. Providing WordPress website management, concierge-level technical support, and premium secure hosting at prices that your budget can handle.
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Church Website Hero
Church website hero was started in late 2019 to help churches solve the problem of having a well-designed, easy to navigate website with curent features many church goers today expect. Providing effective, WordPress based websites, premium hosting, and management in pricing that is affordable for churches and faith-based organizations for various sizes.
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Tyypo Shirts
Tyypo shirts was one of my first print-on-demand stores. I created it as a joint venture with a good friend in early 2019. We started Tyypo with the idea to make shirts and apparel that designers, coders, developers, and tech enthusiasts. We come from design and technical backgrounds and had a basic idea.  Can we make shirts that we would wear?
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Projects & Products

Sermon Notes Pro

A WordPress plugin to provide churches with interactive sermon notes on their websites.

Launching Q4 2022

Super Links Pro

A SaaS product aimed to be the one stop shop for tracking short links, branded QR codes, linktrees and more. 

Launching Q3 2022

Ecommerce Pursuits

A brand dedicated to helping people plan, start, and launch their ecommerce sites for non-designers/developers.

Launching Beginning 2023

WP Coaching Pro

A productized service designed to help coaches and consultants build their websites by purchasing optimized predesigned website kits. 

Launching Q2 2022

Past Client Projects

Recent Work I've Done For Clients

Manna University

Volume PR

Raeford Chamber of Commerce

A1 Supply Company

Highland Construction

Longleaf Properties

Rub of the Warrior

RockFish Church

Beans & Things Coffee

DFW Direct Marketing

RockFish Preschool

Marketing Lists USA


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